Brands & Stereotypes
Brands can help audiences rally behind essential identities but can
also promote harmful assumptions through mascots or other personas.

Dare Turner
Jason Chambers
Connie Zheng

Brockett Horne
Tues, Oct 27
1:15pm EDT

Dare Turner is Assistant Curator of Indigenous Art of the Americas at The Baltimore Museum of Art & Faculty at MICA. She is curating the exhibition “Stripes and Stars: Reclaiming Lakota Independence,” which includes a 19th-century beaded baby bonnet adorned with a U.S. flag.

Jason Chambers is author of “Madison Avenue and the Color Line: African Americans in the Advertising Industry,” a book about the experiences of Blacks in the advertising industry and their fight to diversify the industry and messages. He is Associate Professor of Advertising at the University of Illinois.

Connie Zheng earned her BFA from MICA in 2020. Her degree project explores the vernacular typography of Philadelphia’s Chinatown and questions the legitimacy of dominant, White-centered design discourse. She is a designer at Openbox9 in Washington, DC.