Design and Covid-19
Designers have found novel ways to apply their skills in response to the public health crisis.

Dr. Nzinga Harrison
Rachel Smith
Dr. Bon Ku

Ellen Lupton
Tues, Sept 29
1:15–pm EDT

Dr. Nzinga Harrison is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of Eleanor Health, a value-based provider of comprehensive, outpatient addiction treatment. She is pioneering the field of virtual patient care in the age of Covid-19.

Rachel Smith is a Latina UX Designer who founded Design to Combat COVID-19, a virtual community of over 2,000 creatives working globally to support communities affected by COVID-19. She also co-founded Masks for Docs, which delivers free PPE to health care workers and underserved communities globally. She is a Senior UX Designer at Nordstrom.

Dr. Bon Ku is the Marta and Robert Adelson Professor of Medicine and Design at Thomas Jefferson University. He is an emergency medicine physician and director of Jefferson’s Health Design Lab. He co-authored the book Health Design Thinking with Ellen Lupton (MIT Press, 2020).