Global Design, Part 2
Esteemed designers in South Africa and Argentina will share their experiences creating fresh work in a global context.

Osmond Tshuma
Alejandro Paul
Patrick Thomas &
Jonathan Auch

Ellen Lupton
Tues, Nov 17
1:45pm EDT
view the recording (to come)

Osmond Tshuma is an award-winning designer and art director from Zimbabwe. He has worked with companies and brands across Africa. He is co-founder of Mam’gobozi Design Factory, a studio in Johannesburg.

Alejandro Paul is one of the world’s preeminent typeface designers. In 2002 he cofounded Sudtipos, the first collective type foundry in Buenos Aires. He teaches a postgraduate typography program at the University of Buenos Aires and is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale.

Patrick Thomas created Open Collab, a workshop format that enables remote collaboration, dialogue and experimentation between participants. He will run Open Collab for MICA’s global community for 24 hours. He currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Projects include his public installation Breaking News and limited-edition silkscreen prints.